As an artist, I attempt to represent experiences and aspects of – the beyond places – and my experiences with the deep and unexplainable feelings ranging from the great oceans of emotions to the sea of consciousness.  I attempt to symbolize the dark and most importantly a path through the dark.

I explore the Between.  The collision of existence and non-existence that is infinity.  The “grey areas” between the 1’s and the 0’s that hold every possibility, every “real”.  The place that cannot be reduced, where every subtlety is appreciated.  For me the Between is profoundly beautiful.  A reality, that is every reality.  It is a space free from Time and Distance…..

Yet to be “here” and “there” I must give praise to “gravity”; or, in Isamu Noguchi’s words, “It is weight that gives meaning to weightlessness”.

I am interested in opening doors that lead to love, yet make passage through Death and Annihilation.  Memory often lurks as ghost to Form and Manifestation.  Light typically enters with reason and creates order out of chaos.  It is the Dark that allows the fall into understanding. This is the Dark that I speak of.

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