Inking the Ghost in Exile

The installation I created during the My Good Judy Residency in New Orleans (Oct. 2018) involved the local community in direct relationship and response to my work.  Involving myself and my art as action for social justice in this way was an evolutionary step for me. Through those interactions people had the freedom to sit... Continue Reading →

Black Snake Silent

Black Snake Silent is about the snakes that poison individual creativity, uniqueness, and independent thinking. The whispers within that keep us from speaking; that infect us with fear to keep us from vibrating to our individual truth. It is a liberation from the venom that snakes its way into our DNA and passes from one... Continue Reading →


Warriors is a series vibrating with the many layered veils of past, present, and possibility. A peek through the fabric of fate into a world filled with well-being. The pieces communicate the weight of time. They are Sacred Warriors demonstrating courage and the will it takes to create the future we desire out of the... Continue Reading →

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