Inking the Ghost in Exile

The installation I created during the My Good Judy Residency in New Orleans (Oct. 2018) involved the local community in direct relationship and response to my work.  Involving myself and my art as action for social justice in this way was an evolutionary step for me. Through those interactions people had the freedom to sit and talk, and to ask questions about the artwork. But what I found most interesting was that sitting next to me while my hands were working invoked in them a desire to tell their stories. I was the listener who was folding cranes. The environment was warm and inviting and the outcome beautiful. And each person who sat down made a comment about handwork; a memory that sparked a story. I loved that this interaction had no requirement for anyone, not me, not the folks who sat down, no one. That I knew the folding of 1000 cranes is a hope for healing and that somehow, they wanted to be part of that hope. Each of them left “happy”. What I saw was just how meaningful “happy” truly is.

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