Black Snake Silent

Black Snake Silent is about the snakes that poison individual creativity, uniqueness, and independent thinking. The whispers within that keep us from speaking; that infect us with fear to keep us from vibrating to our individual truth. It is a liberation from the venom that snakes its way into our DNA and passes from one generation to the next. This is about ending the dehumanizing actions against those who do not conform. It is about decapitating the whispers that worm inside, invisible and unheard by those around us.

The piece:
The headdress (fiber) was designed and created to represent ancient warriors in ritual ceremony on the eve prior to battle. The placement on a human skull is symbolic of the Flag-Bearer in consecration to an ideal. The 3 black snakes (fiber) emanate from within an invisible body, the snake-heads placed between the teeth of the skull indicating an end to vulnerability to the venom that stills our voices.  The head is placed on a professional microphone stand, the head becoming the microphone itself. This sculpture sits on a fresco painting on wood panel (36×36”), acting as a stage.

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