I have been thinking much about Liberty....Revolution, Freedom. Words of power, with deep roots, and great meaning. Ideas that inspire action. Limitations on thoughts, behavior, and choice.... ....suppression of women's voices, suppression of diversity. A call for warriors; A call for action. This is me,  Just getting started.......


Unchained A self portrait And a call for Liberty. To make peace with your own identity. “….acceptance is not a surrender; it is  a liberation.” -Gerald Clarke, in Capote: A Biography (1988) Unchained is a fresco created in three parts, fitting together as one whole; a metaphor as evidence of pansexuality and the sexual, romantic,... Continue Reading →

First Crossing

I remember my first crossing to you, or was it you crossing to me? The well worn foot path through heather, around moor, green mounds with single holes, woven nets of white flowers lay across the cairns of lore. The sound of voices, faraway singing, feet tapping patterns. I drew close and then closer to... Continue Reading →

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