Athens Exhibition: Beauty Bleeding Through

Hello, I am Quin de la Mer, a Conceptual Artist from San Francisco, California in residency in Athens, Greece from June 1st – June 24th, 2018.

As a conceptual artist engaging ancient methods used with fresco mediums I produce a living product; eternally, intimately interacting with light.  I employ abstract expressionism to communicate esoteric ideas.

I consider myself a nomadic artist, traveling to places by navigation from my heart.  Each location has its own unique vibration.  The frescoes I create inside of that vibration exist in conversation with the sacred topography of point and place.

My primary work at this time is

Entanglement: A Love Story, a Visual Conceptual Sonata with a 5-part sequence.

While a musical sonata is communicated through the vibration of sound, Entanglement: A Love Story is expressed through the vibration of light, and the echoes and reflections of motion.

Anatomy of the Atmosphere: Portraits of The Code is the title of the coda or conclusion of the sonata.  It is a dragon’s tail of explosive power.

Beauty Bleeding Through is the title of the exhibition in Athens, Greece and it is part of the coda.

The exhibition will show new works created in Greece while surrounded by the immense depth, ancient beauty, story, and the power of connection to those things beyond this plane of existence.

The exhibition is installed inside an old stamp shop still functioning today; a perfect metaphor to house this concept.


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