Thoughts on Abstraction

Leslie Silko wrote a piece titled Landscape, History, and Pueblo Imagination.  She made remarkable statements about Abstract Art, that helped me feel on solid ground as an Abstract Artist.  So often, Abstract Art is mocked as child’s work; even though some of this worlds greatest artists were/are Abstract Expressionists.  She conveyed that intentionally visually creating in Abstraction rather than Realism in order to convey the connection to the whole; and to honor the Creator and the concept that the natural world cannot be improved upon — “by representing intrinsic form, the flower is released from a limited meaning or restricted identity”.  She also concluded that pictographs and petroglyphs “must speak to the abstraction that represents” the Whole of the “clan”; realistic and specific imagery would identify the “one” from within the All and therefore bring limitation to the greater subject being called upon.  I greatly appreciate the point that Silko made when she describes: there is no cutting off the human from the natural world; there is no duality for the Pueblo people.

Yes! –that is key! To be bonded to the Creation Story, the Emergent Place, the Migration to right place/point, and to remain in abstraction in order to blur the lines that restrict destiny – in order to remain in Connection!  This is central for me and my artworks – Connection – and reconnecting what was disconnected at the birth of Patriarchy/Agriculture/the Commercialization of War/Domestication (beginning with the domestication of women).  If we are to reconnect, we must Re-member.

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