Star Ghosts

In loving a stars light that is no longer part of the sun that is that star, then isn’t it true that we are loving memory as ghost to form?  And if that is true then we can love the ghosts from humans past, embracing the illuminated darkness that scents their invisibility.

For me, Auto-Cosmology is the connection between self and the cosmological origin.  In other words, LOVE.  The spiraling motion from the Chaos of Creation to the Still Point and from the Still Point to the Chaos of Creation.  This spiraling motion is the breath of Love….Love Breathing.

We are everyone Still Points in unique relationship to this breathing; This Breath of Life!  Our experiences ride the winds of Her breath.  They have always been our symbolic journey through this dark matter between the stars.  That beautiful graveyard of stars.

A graveyard, Yes; because the light we see and label as a star was emitted, or left the body of the star, long ago…. in some cases more than a century ago.  Traveling as memory at the speed of light toward any who might embrace its ghost in a future indeterminable.


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