Eternal Verities

Truth as revealed through Art is a revolutionary act expressing freedom.

Deepening my understanding of what I believe to be true and how to communicate that transitory truth is part of my quest.  Asking questions such as: Is it really true? or, Is it still true? or, Has this truth evolved?, are provocative.  It is my experience that individuals can be fiercely loyal to a given truth.  Invoking these questions of truth at an unconscious level instigates a fall into depth and a possible journey leading to liberation.  The truth that is felt in our hearts cannot be explained and is known through what we feel.  This is where Truth, the largest most expansive truths reside.

Embracing the deep feeling realm, surrendering to those teachings, willingly diving into stimulating feelings takes me to magical places.  Those places re-member themselves within the layers of alchemical vibrations within the frescoes I create.

Art is violent.

Art is terrifying.

Art is pure




It is pain

and ecstasy

and the between

where all things meet in the still point

facing absolute truth of heart.

Art captures you

and forever reveals all understanding

to bring you home.


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