Waves of memory shake my bones.

The skeleton within me recalls what once was.

The city around me smiles in recognition.

My bones are a graveyard of sound where there might be silence.

Vibrations of sound and light and color; so much motion!  The very stuff that existence is made of.  Memory is in there too, lurking as ghost to form and manifestation;  attached from within like the karmic dragon’s tail that makes up all we have ever been, but shows up in the present as those unresolved and strikingly intense feelings desperately seeking resolution.

The poignant feelings marking the unresolved past that refuses to belong to linear time.  The feels that continuously show up like an uninvited guest.  Those feelings that are almost memories.  They will not be ignored and require the journey into annihilation as truth pulled from the ethers of vibration, unforgotten within our souls, made manifest in the descent, and healed upon return.  I believe that no amount of political, cultural, or religious dogmatic agenda can dissolve the truth which exists beyond matter forever dwelling within our essence.

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