Holes are the special places; windows into the abyss, and the sea of stars that is the view. I can feel those few who have died into the embrace of the dark, entering existence in its totality, beyond duality.  They have experienced suffering, rage, and despair, and a journey both in the light of ecstatic... Continue Reading →

Edge to Freedom

To speak of "edges" it becomes necessary to quote William Irwin Thompson "Edges are important because they define a limitation in order to deliver us from it.  When we come to an edge we come to a frontier that tells us that we are now about to become more than we have been before.  As... Continue Reading →


When creating embraces the written word I write what is most important from the words I've collected and placed inside of truth as I know it in that moment.  When creating involves the alchemy of lime, clay, water, marble dust, and mineral pigments, I express during an altered state sustained by heat and exhaustion, tears and... Continue Reading →


Waves of memory shake my bones. The skeleton within me recalls what once was. The city around me smiles in recognition. My bones are a graveyard of sound where there might be silence. Vibrations of sound and light and color; so much motion!  The very stuff that existence is made of.  Memory is in there... Continue Reading →

momentary perception

"Of course I constantly despair at my own incapacity, at the impossibility of ever accomplishing anything, of painting a valid, true picture or even knowing what such a thing ought to look like.  But then I always have the hope that, if I persevere, it might one day happen.  And this hope is nurtured every... Continue Reading →

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