The Wanderer

Being a nomadic artist is somewhat of a paradox given the medium I create with is cumbersome and labor intensive.  While I can cross borders with a passport, the weight I carry with my artwork makes for difficult passage.  Others cross borders with nothing but their person and no passport, and the weight they carry in their heart and soul far exceeds my own.  The archetype I call Via Postel, the essence of Non-Being, crosses the fabric of fate; a border of time and space.

Border crossing is part of my message, while the greater concept regards the annihilation of nomadic life as detrimental to existence.  What do we leave behind and how is it remembered?  What do we carry and at what point is it shed? Mind and Memory, does one fall faster, dive farther? As I travel and create in various locations the pieces themselves are in vibrational conversation with this line of inquiry.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

An adventure it will be!


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