Beauty Bleeding Through

I find that beauty bleeds through the codes that make up reality.  Beauty is the heart connection that lasts beyond the boundaries of time and space.  It is the lightness of vibration… Intimacy as an art-form.

And, what is Beauty?  Elusively universal and personally accessible within the confines of emotion and desire.  It is relatively attached to how we uniquely perceive this reality, but requires wisdom to embrace new perceptions.  To be part of Beauty is to heal the rips and tears, wounds and separations that devastate experience.  To be part of Beauty is to exist beyond the gaps and within the bridges….to exist in the realm of pure love.

My perception considers Beauty to be a Sacred Warrior who protects the sacred balance and destroys disparity.  I am delighted by the Japanese concept Wabi Sabi.  The idea that beauty is imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.  I am particularly inspired by Leonard Koren’s interpretations on the subject.  He wrote, the “capacity to experience beauty as one of the best reasons for living” and I do agree.  Beauty as an aesthetic feeling-awareness indefinable, un-imprisonable.

The architecture within our individual and unique perceptions….our own personal “enlightenment” revealing “the way” we each perceive the world around us.

My beauty feels pleasure in the old and lonely, withered and incomplete, imperfect and muted.  The Between places….  I am in love with poetically wretched desires….  the comfortless, the worn; the beauty of noh, the ethereal, the other-worldly residence, the deep mysteries of the visible and invisible worlds in coexistence.  Beauty at the edge of nothingness: faint, tentative, subtle.  The full bandwidth of actual reality that is difficult to describe or analyze because it is amorphous.  The Path of Beauty as the connection that creates and re-members.

Toni Morrison wrote, “what is left out is as important as what’s there”.

If weaving is my compass, the field of palpable invisibility is the essence of my soul.

I travel in the name of Love; for the survival of Love.  I re-member Beauty as The Way.

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