Dreamed Sound

"Sounds have a way of reminding you of something...." "Each sound must have its own life.  Express the inner generative power of its being." "Each sonic image....opens a world of its own." "Have you ever noticed how there is no background noise to a dreamed sound? Perfect signal to noise ratio." --Pauline Oliveros

The Absence of Silence

Waves of memory shake my bones The skeleton within me recalls what once was The city around me smiles in recognition My bones are a graveyard of sound where there might be silence --Quin de la Mer, 2017

Thoughts on Abstraction

Leslie Silko wrote a piece titled Landscape, History, and Pueblo Imagination.  She made remarkable statements about Abstract Art, that helped me feel on solid ground as an Abstract Artist.  So often, Abstract Art is mocked as child's work; even though some of this worlds greatest artists were/are Abstract Expressionists.  She conveyed that intentionally visually creating... Continue Reading →

Memento Mori!

"Every great autobiographical work is a private preparation for death: an author hunts down his weaknesses, his delusions, his inherited values, his everyday enslavements, and murders them in plain sight." -Greg Baxter, Author of A Preparation for Death  

Chance Meetings

Wonderful words by: Conrad Aiken (1889-1973) "In the mazes of loitering people, the watchful and furtive, The shadows of tree-trunks and shadows of leaves, In the drowse of the sunlight, among the low voices, I suddenly face you, Your dark eyes return for a space from her who is with you, They shine into mine... Continue Reading →


The essence of the spirit of awakening can be found in White on White, it can be found in the Coal Black Stallion Running Wild in the Chase, it can be found in Ink Black Rye Grass Floating Seven White Pearls. -Quin de la Mer, 2000

Star Ghosts

In loving a stars light that is no longer part of the sun that is that star, then isn't it true that we are loving memory as ghost to form?  And if that is true then we can love the ghosts from humans past, embracing the illuminated darkness that scents their invisibility. For me, Auto-Cosmology... Continue Reading →

Eternal Verities

Truth as revealed through Art is a revolutionary act expressing freedom. Deepening my understanding of what I believe to be true and how to communicate that transitory truth is part of my quest.  Asking questions such as: Is it really true? or, Is it still true? or, Has this truth evolved?, are provocative.  It is... Continue Reading →

The Balance Between Realities

Between spaces are the gateways weighing the balance between realities of heart and realities of cosmic truth that exists beyond what we think we know. I explore the Between.  The collision of existence and non-existence that is infinity.  The grey areas between the 1's and 0's that hold every possibility, every "real".  The place that... Continue Reading →

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